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Independent critical study: Texts across time

They also are introduced to tools and concepts needed to manage internal relations and operations. Students learn to streamline operations across functions in an organization. Students explore tools and strategies for effectively managing external resources to compete and grow in an international marketplace. Students develop working strategies for effective new product development and communication with key stakeholders.


Students are introduced to strategic analysis and decision making of the business environment and learn how to enable a company to thrive in a global economy. The course incorporates these core subject areas—macroeconomics, corporate strategy, financial markets, and analytics—into an overarching theme that explores the external environment of a company. With the exception of GSBA, all courses are fully online and consist of asynchronous and synchronous course work.

If students choose to take a break from the program, they can resume their studies the following semester. Please note that online course offerings vary by semester.

Prospective students must apply and be accepted separately to each program and fulfill all requirements for both degrees. If interested, please talk to an Enrollment Counselor to confirm requirements before applying.

How to create a NUT model

Students participate in weekly class sessions via webcam, during which they discuss the material in-depth and benefit from the perspectives of their fellow classmates and Marshall faculty. Synchronous activities include:. Courses are modular in structure. Students are expected to complete all readings and online asynchronous content in preparation for live online class meetings. These meetings take place two to three times per week and last between one and two hours. This means that the mark you award against the assessment criteria, which will be out of 25, needs to be doubled when entering on the Candidate record form, before submitting marks to AQA.

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Required and Elective Coursework for NGG Students

Independent critical study: Texts across time This resource provides guidance on the NEA requirements for A-level English Literature A, and should be read in conjunction with the NEA requirements set out in the specification. A poetry text could be either one longer narrative poem or a single authored collection of shorter poems. A discrete Chaucer Tale would be suitable as a text for study, as would a poem such as The Rape of the Lock.

If students are using a collection of short poems, they must have studied the whole text and select at least two poems to write about in detail as examples of the wider collection Single authored collections of short stories are permissible. If students are using a collection of short stories, they must have studied the whole text and select at least two stories to write about in detail as examples of the wider collection. Managing the NEA The introduction to NEA should provide students with a detailed review of the above requirements and guidance on what it means to work independently e.

Advice on text choice Connecting two texts on a common theme means choosing two texts which maximise opportunities for writing about both similarities and differences. Remember, however, that the A-level set texts cannot be used in NEA texts chosen for study must maximise opportunities for writing about both similarities and differences texts must allow access to a range of critical views and interpretations, including over time, which students can evaluate and apply autonomously. AO2 : Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts.

AO4 : Explore connections across literary texts. AO5 : Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations.

Core Frame Model Coursework

Thomas Advice on writing the essay Having completed the study of their chosen texts, researched secondary sources and devised an appropriate task, students will need guidance on how to pull their ideas together into a coherent response. AQA does not insist on a particular form of referencing but following the example given in the exemplar student responses would be appropriate. Awarding marks The role and responsibilities of teachers in submitting marks are set out in Section 6. The courses included in a major must contribute to the program meeting all four of the Curriculum Design principles.

Where a Major has 72 or 84 units of required courses then the optional units are to be chosen from a specified set of 48 or 24 units respectively. The optional units must be from existing required courses in other programs, or study components. The balance of introductory, developing and graduate courses must ensure the program can meet the relevant AQF level. Equally a student who has completed an English major would not be eligible for the minor in English.

The codes are requested by the owning School and allocated as part of the course approval process. A three digit alpha code is used to identifier the discipline area of the course. The list of discipline codes is updated on a regular basis to reflect new areas of studies offered by the University. Courses are sequenced to foster progressive and coherent achievement of expected learning outcomes.

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In order to indicate the level of knowledge, skill and the application of knowledge and skill and whether the course is offered in an undergraduate or postgraduate program, courses are normally identified at one of the following levels:. Normally courses will have an identified owning program. The learning outcomes for each required course are aligned to the program learning outcomes for the program. The learning hours assigned to a course are based on one unit equalling This reflects the time spent on structured learning activities for the course, the number of hours apportioned to self-directed learning and the completion of assessable tasks.

These hours apply regardless of the method of course delivery. As such, it must be completed prior to undertaking the subsequent course.

As such, it must be successfully completed prior or studied concurrently with the nominated co-requisite course. Corequisites are restricted to courses only in professional accredited programs.

Mechanical engineering - Wikipedia

An anti-requisite condition may also be applied where a course has changed its code but the content remains essentially equivalent to that contained within the original course. Prerequisites should be avoided unless there is a clear pedagogical justification for having a pre-requisite. Engaging with discipline knowledge and skills at foundational level, broad application of knowledge and skills in familiar contexts and with support.

Limited or no prerequisites. Normally, associated with the first full-time study year of an undergraduate program. Building on and expanding the scope of introductory knowledge and skills, developing breadth or depth and applying knowledge and skills in a new context. May require pre-requisites where discipline specific introductory knowledge or skills is necessary.

Normally, undertaken in the second or third full-time year of an undergraduate programs. Demonstrating coherence and breadth or depth of knowledge and skills. Independent application of knowledge and skills in unfamiliar contexts. Meeting professional requirements and AQF descriptors for the degree.