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In love marriage, you exactly know how your partner likes his morning coffee, his favorite food, his favorite color and even some intimate details about him. After your love marriage, you both live in a world of bliss, knowing each other's likes and dislikes and doing things exactly the way your partner likes.

You get into a love marriage only after years or months of knowing him in and out. You decide to marry only when you feel he is right for you and if you don't you can quit the relationship at any time. In a love marriage, you exactly know about your partner's financial status and that is a great advantage as there would be fewer tiffs regarding money later on. In a love marriage, you also know how your partner handles his finances and you kind of know about your financial security in life. This is an important advantage as money is quite important in life.

Love marriages are not based on the rules of the society and so, one need not worry about dowry or other social obligations.

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You marry someone because you love someone and not because you want to make others happy. In an arranged marriage, if you come to know that the person you have married is exactly the opposite of whatever you aspired in your partner, you end up with an unhappy life of compromise or fights whereas in a love marriage, you get married only if you accept your partner and want to live with him throughout your life.

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage Essay

Needless to say, she is now my wife Anyway, back to the bikes distracted tangent wife motogirl bikergirl wedding marriage. As every marriage is a gamble, so can be a love marriage too. There are a few chances of your partner changing after a few years of marriage.

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You end up in fights and eventually in a divorce. The biggest disadvantage of a love marriage is that none of the partners want to compromise. They both do as they wish and at times compatibility becomes an issue. None fear the parents or the society. Also, if the parents have disapproved of your love marriage earlier, then you have to go through a lot of pain of separation from your parents in a love marriage.

Sometimes, if your marriage fails, then you don't have anyone to look up to for support in a love marriage. As there is not elder guidance, at times, there is lack of financial support for both the spouses in a love marriage. A kiss in the Woods. The point here is that while any marriage may or may not work, in an arranged marriage, the chances of compromising are higher than in a love marriage. No bond should be forced upon anyone in this world. Only bonds which are made with freedom of mind and heart are true and the rest are all fake. In an arranged marriage, spouses compromise to such a point that one assumes that they are happy.

In very few cases, you can say, that the partners met one find day and fell in love and lived happily ever after. The advantages are that the partners stay with each other due to the pressure of the society. The advantages are also that the parents are always there to support.

The importance of marriage

But will this kind of support really help? A marriage which is broken is broken whether love or arranged, it causes the same heartbreak and discomfort. At least, in a love marriage, you are sure of your partner. What destiny has in store for you, none can predict but your chances of happiness are better in love marriage. The entire concept of marriage can have its own advantages or disadvantages.

Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage, it is quite clear that love marriage is ideally better. A few more serious aspects should be taken into consideration in order for a marriage to turn out to last long and was happy: compatibility of partners physically and psychologically, life experience of the future husband, ability to make a compromise and to conform.

Which is why if you are to arrange marriage, these aspects should be viewed. There is a tendency for an arranged marriage to be on the decrease due to a marriage settlement. This document provides for possession of property, which normally is possessed apart. An arranged marriage is replaced with a rational marriage now. There are no finances or social status based within such an alliance but a hope for a strong alliance with spiritual peace, respect, mutual understanding and reliance.

Warmer relations than just a friendship appear within such an alliance, then love comes along. As a rule, such a marriage provides for children in the future. If you found this article good enough, do not hesitate to order a paper on any topic you want or were assigned to write on and you will get it back in a timely fashion.

We look forward to meet you on the pages of our website and to start cooperating with you! Pros of arranged marriage Alliance from both sides is a responsible and comprehensive move.

Spouses are not in the grip of feelings. The decision is made in the cold light of day. Each of the spouses gets a realization of intended purpose. There is no lovesickness; there are no blaming of attention lack, etc. There is no reason to have an argument. There is no risk to be off someone. Marital duties are not compulsory.

The main thing to father a child.

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Daily graft is not a problem for such a family. It will not break it up. Cons of arranged marriage No love. Sexual relations are no pleasure but a hateful duty. If a wife grinded her own axe, she might be under constant and total control of her husband.

Presentation on Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage by Hyder Ali Naqi

A complete dependence upon a person in whose hands all the finances are. Businessperson spouse is often away on business being accompanied with secretaries with long legs resting in the clubs and other elite places with prostitutes.


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