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The educational stakes are also very high for young parents in the developed countries whereas a high percentage of young mothers drop out of school, making early motherhood the number one reason for dropping out of school among young girls in these countries. In Africa, especially the sub-Saharan Africa countries, there are concerns about high rates of pregnancy-related school dropouts, also leading to the reported gender disparities in education in the developing world Mensch et. Schoolgirls who become pregnant have fewer opportunities to complete their education after childbirth and have fewer opportunities for socioeconomic advancement.

Among policy makers and even the media, pregnancy is increasingly being mentioned as a reason for premature school leaving in the region. In most of the countries, schoolgirls whose pregnancies are detected are required to drop out of school, at least temporarily. In most cases, schoolgirls who become pregnant in countries like Nigeria, Mali and even Zambia either had to resort to unsafe abortions or they face official school expulsion. Because girls who dropped out of school due to pregnancy usually never returned to school to complete their education after childbirth, their opportunities for socioeconomic advancement are limited.

A Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen Pregnancy

While in many settings, rules are currently being liberalized to provide for possibility of re-entry, the number of those returning back to school is still very low. And due to the fact that a pregnant schoolgirl has to choose between dropping out of school and undergoing an abortion in order to remain in school, it poses a high cost associated with becoming pregnant while still in school.

On the other hand, boys who get the girls pregnant do not face the same risks. Many African governments have also included family life education programs in their school curriculum in an attempt to educate adolescents about the consequences and responsibilities associated with sexual activity.

The high rates of schoolgirl pregnancies suggest that these family life programs have their shortcomings and indicate that educational policies should be used not only to reduce the incidence of schoolgirl pregnancies but also to assist pregnant schoolgirls to complete their education. They must either terminate their pregnancy by taking recourse in abortion in order to continue their education, or drop out of school either on their own volition or on pain of threatened official expulsion…..

When girls drop out of school because of pregnancy, their future socio-economic prospects are significantly reduced. It is also noted that rather than pregnancy causing girls to drop out of school, other factors such as the lack of social and economic opportunities for girls and women in general as well as the domestic demands placed on them, coupled with the gender inequities of the education system, may result in unsatisfactory school experiences, poor academic performance and an acquiescence in or endorsement for early motherhood. As in other parts of Africa and the rest of the world, these young people are faced with tremendous challenges in the transition to adulthood.

The challenges are serious such that many young people especially young girls are leaving school early due to pregnancy. It is important to note that most of the Kenyan young girls in this age bracket are still pursuing education in secondary schools and the pregnancies at this very age definitely interfere with their education efforts at that level. The introduction of free primary school education by the Kenya government has also led to increased numbers of school enrolment including those already in the sexually active age groups.

A growth in the percentage of girls attending school after puberty inevitably leads to a rise in the risk of pregnancy among students being that they are already sexually active. Given the fluidity of the traditional African marriage process, the onset of sexual relations and childbearing prior to formalizing a union was not unknown in Kenya in the past Meekers The rapid expansion in education has led, however, to an increasing association in the public mind between premarital sexual activity, childbearing and schoolgirl dropout.

The Ministry of Education endeavors to eliminate gender disparities and promote social equity through provision of basic education to all, including females MOE The Ministry is fully aware that the dropout rate for girls is higher than that of boys and also that pregnancy and subsequent drop out of the girls from school contributes to the very disparities the educational policy seeks to eliminate. The statistics on school drop out of the teenage mothers in Kenya reveal that the problem has been demanding urgent solution.

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Teenage pregnancy has a direct implication on school dropout among girls and a subsequent contributor to the disparities experienced in the education of both girls and boys. A number of studies concur that many young women drop out of school as a result of pregnancy Gyepi-Grabrah, a. In , 11, Kenyan girls dropped out of school because of pregnancy Kiragu, However, whereas there have been issues raised with regard to teenage pregnancy and its subsequent influence on school dropouts, the literature available is really not about schoolgirl pregnancy at all, but instead on the relationship between school exit and subsequent childbearing.

This is the case because there is no data on the number of girls who get pregnant while in school but only data on those who leave school because they are about to give birth Cynthia B. Mensch, This study seeks to establish the extent to which teenage pregnancy contributes to school dropout among girls in Embu municipality. To determine the extent to which teenage pregnancy contributes to schoolgirl dropout in Embu Municipality ii. To investigate factors predisposing high school girls to teenage pregnancies iii.

To investigate the levels of re-admission of girls who discontinue school due to pregnancy 1. What are the levels of school drop outs in Embu municipality due to teenage pregnancy? What are the factors predisposing girls to teenage pregnancy? To what extent do the girls get re-admitted after pregnancy?

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Teenage pregnancy significantly contributes to schoolgirl dropout among high school girls in Embu municipality. This study was carried out in Embu municipality targeting girls from selected girls-only and mixed schools. A total of 10 high schools within Embu municipality in Central division of Embu district targeting schoolgirls were targeted.

Head teachers and guidance and counseling teachers from these schools were also covered in the study. Little discussion has also addressed the reasons young girls give for leaving school prematurely. Except in qualitative studies, the simultaneous decisions related to pregnancy and leaving school are rarely examined. In particular, if a girl gives a reason other than pregnancy for discontinuing her education, whether she is also pregnant at the time she leaves school is rarely taken into account. Particularly for those who give such dominant concerns as financial issues, family obligations, or lack of interest in school, a pregnancy may serve as an unacknowledged catalyzing force for timing of school dropout.

These factors may be significant in determining how a schoolgirl reacts to pregnancy and whether she will resume her education after her child is born. Other reports also show that an estimated 13, girls drop out of school every year due to pregnancy.

Teen Pregnancy Negatively Impacts The National Economy

This is equivalent to closing down 43 secondary schools with an estimated student population of annually CSA Kenya, With all the uncertainties pointed out here, it is evident that the issue of teenage pregnancy as a reason for school dropout among school girls is an area worth investigating; singling out the influence that teenage pregnancy has on schoolgirl dropout and the extent to which it is felt. The Guttmacher Institute found that , women between the ages of 15 to 19 get pregnant every year, and 82 percent of those pregnancies are unplanned.

The Guttmacher Institute is a…. In , about , babies were born to teens aging years old in the United States. We hear about teen pregnancy in the media all the time, but the question is why does it happen? There are different effects on teenage mothers than there is on teenage fathers. Mothers lose more friends and are looked at way differently; fathers keep most of their friends without too many people having an opinion about him.

The father can go to school, can play sports, and can have fun with his friends.

Causes and Effects of Teen Pregnancy

Both the mother and the father have responsibility, but the mother has to do more, like work to…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. On the website teenwire. This, in turn, led into Planned Parenthood. With a big increase in teen pregnancy many government funded programs have been put into place.

Programs of this sort became an open door to teen pregnancy.

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Some teens feel like if they become pregnant that the government will help them out financial. From this government is taken a risk as getting looked upon as approving teen pregnancy in this country. Every time the government gives a mother or guardian help with assists they are making the world debt go up. Over all since teen pregnancy has gone up, so has child support. Every time a child gives birth to a child they are losing their and their children. When looking at the statement people can see that warning signs are popping up with bright red flashers around teen pregnancy.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On Teens The Effects of Teen Pregnancy Becoming a teen parent is always a scary thing to go through, but over the years, the United States has been trying new and different ways to lower the occurrence of unplanned pregnancies among teens.

Effects of Teen Pregnancy Essay - Words | Cram

Words: - Pages:. Essay Teen Pregnancy And Its Effects Teen pregnancy and resulting births pose many societal challenges, and as a result require the collective efforts of many to provide solutions. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 8. Words: - Pages: 7. The Negative Effects of Teen Pregnancy Essay There are different effects on teenage mothers than there is on teenage fathers.