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Submission materials should include the Creative Writing course s and quarter s taken.

Deadline: Spring quarter. Shirley Collier Prize —awarded annually for an outstanding work of fiction or biography. Open to graduate or undergraduate students majoring in the Humanities and to faculty in the Humanities. Extension students are ineligible.

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Preference will be given to students; but in all cases, the same criterion of excellence will apply, regardless of whether works are published, finished manuscripts, or only partially complete. Previous winners are ineligible. All entrants must submit a cover page with contact information.

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Anonymity is not required. Deadline: spring quarter Peter Rotter Essay Prize —awarded to undergraduates who have written the best paper for a regular or special studies course in the Humanities. Professors nominate students for an essay written for an undergraduate course completed in the spring, fall, or winter quarter prior to the deadline.

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Grab your keyboard to begin drafting your applications and winning tuition help from these 25 scholarships for writing. Any U. Scholarship Link.

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Interested writers must submit up to 20 pages of original fiction, nonfiction, or poetry pieces with a word personal statement. Eligible entrants must be second or third-year students, hold a cumulative GPA above 2.

25 Writing Scholarships

Qualified high school seniors must gain admission at an accredited, four-year U. Grasso Literary Scholarship. Participants must be between 13 and 18 years old and attending high schools in the United States or Canada. Applications are incomplete without a word personal statement, three journalistic samples, and two recommendations. Native American, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian students belonging to federally recognized tribes and attending accredited U. Please submit an original, sourced 1, word essay exploring your role in advancing Native interests.

Eligible fellows must be U.

PRH/WNDB Creative Writing Awards

Interested music lovers must be between 17 and 24 years old, attend an accredited U. Some examples of scholarships that apply to Creative Writing students, both directly and indirectly, will help you know what to look for in your search for financial aid for college.

National and regional writers associations often offer scholarships, grants and writing awards that are designed to encourage and reward bright up and coming authors. Most genre fiction is represented by at least one writers association, whether it be horror fiction, thrillers, science fiction or drama.

Investigate writers associations that are closely linked to your interests as an author, and see if any programs or contests are available from you may benefit.

College-Specific Scholarships for Creative Writers

Also consider businesses and corporations with close ties to the publishing world, or the general world of art. Publishers and book sellers, for example, often offer writing contest awards for young authors.

For example:. Colleges and universities with strong English departments are always trying to attract the best and brightest students. To do this many offer valuable scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional academic and creative skills.